Top 20 Argumentative Essay Topics This Year

Top 20 Argumentative Essay Topics This Year

Many students are familiar with one of the most creative and interesting types of academic assignments known as argumentative essay. Some of you may mistakenly consider it as the easiest paper you need to complete. However, the majority of students start facing problems from the very start when choosing the right argumentative paper topics.
The idea of the assignment is to reveal your ability to persuade your readers. You are expected to have a string position on given argumentative topics. Students are supposed to enable a thorough investigation of all sides of the issue. The main goal here is to collect as many evidences to prove your position as you can. We are ready to help you with argumentative essay ideas as well as lend a hand if you need someone to write your paper from scratch.

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What Are the Most Popular Topics for Argumentative Essays?

Brilliant ideas for argumentative essays define a good paper that will certainly grab the attention of your readers. Unfortunately, a few students can really cope with the task and pick up the right topic. Others suffer from a lack of creative ideas. This is where you may find our list of most actual and popular topics for argumentative essay rather handy. If you need, our professional writers will do the whole work for you and write an exceptional paper from scratch by the deadline. Those who are still eager to complete the assignment by themselves can have a look at our list of topics and ideas divided into several categories.
An argumentative essay can be of different types according to the topic. You can choose some funny ideas or serious subjects to discuss. At the same time, students should avoid some typical
topics that are doomed to failure.

Good Argumentative Essay Topics

Topics for High-School Argumentative Essays:

  • Should schools provide sexual education for children?
  • Should the government limit the number of passengers in the car?
  • Should a high-school education be mandatory?
  • Should parents permit using contraceptives?

If you need to write an argumentative essay of a college level, you can choose some of the following topics for your paper:

  • Are parents responsible for the crimes committed by their kids?
  • Should the committee count academic achievement as a plus for college admission?
  • When is military force justified?
  • Should parents teach their children to avoid racial conflicts in society?

Some students prefer choosing topics that are very unlikely to bring them success. If you want to avoid any possible obstacles and failures, never use any of the following ideas:

  • Is our president fair?
  • Are the athletes overpriced today?
  • Do innovations ruin our world?
  • How far can our society go when it comes to environmental problems?
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Best Argumentative Essay Ideas

The best bet is to opt for some classic essay ideas. As a rule, they are typical. However, you are free to express an innovative view and approach to a typical problem. Try any of the following topics:

  • How can video games affect teenage minds?
  • Ways to prevent abortion.
  • Gender conflicts in modern society.
  • Modern pop culture and its influence on the lifestyle.

Funny ideas for an argumentative essay can also be a great option. They will make your paper more entertaining and easy to read:

  • How did funny cat videos conquered our minds?
  • Who is the worst actor in the world?
  • Can Stand-Up be considered as art?
  • How cartoons shape our lifestyle?

If you find it hard to cope with the task on your own, feel free to contact our specialists and order your flawless argumentative essay at a reasonable price.