What Is the Common App Essay?

What Is the Common App Essay?

Once you want to enter the university of your dream, you need to come up with a decent common app essay. The task may seem to be easy. However, once you get started, you will find out that the assignment is more complicated than it seems.

For this reason, we decided to put an ease on your writing process and provide some useful tips on how to write a common app essay. At the same time, you are free to hire our professional writers to write the paper for you. Here on our website, you can also come across a worthy common app essay examples.

How to Write a Common App Essay?

The first and foremost mistake when writing a common app essay is the effort put your entire life in one paper. No one would hardly appreciate reading hundreds of words describing your entire life. Always keep in mind that a typical common app essay should never exceed 650 words, so do not try to squeeze your full story in those 650 words. Here we are at tip #1 – think small.

Common App Essay Prompts

Describe the key moments of your life, highlight the most overwhelming achievements, speak of competition you managed to win on the last second. Or tell your readers about the situation when you had to put your life at risk or had your back in a tight corner during vacation. Do not just list your most valuable personal qualities. Indicate the features that refer to real-life experience and prove they may come in handy in future.

Every time you are at a loss when writing a common app essay or, for example, a narrative essay, stop for a second and think of what you are trying to say about yourself. Make sure you are using a compelling and specific example when telling a particular story. Think small and narrow down your ideas to real-life occasions and experience you had.

Common Application Essay Questions

Another common mistake is to edit your paper during the writing process. It is wrong. Fist you need to write and only then start editing. Writing a good common app example essay is a tough process, and it calls for maximum inspiration and creativity. Do not focus on your grammar. Just write down your thoughts and try to arrange them into a logically connected paper. When you are done, have a rest for half an hour, refresh your brain and only then edit the paper.

The best bet to avoid any problems with your application essay is to hire proven professionals. Here on our website, you can hire A-star writers who have already completed hundreds of application essays. All of them were successful. You can check the reviews and testimonials on our website. Contact us anytime, and we will write all types of paper for you at the most reasonable prices.

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