The List of Top Compare and Contrast Essay Topics

The List of Top Compare and Contrast Essay Topics

Some of you are familiar with this type of academic assignment. It seems to be rather easy. However, the fist problems occur when students try to pick comparison and contrast essay topics. The main challenge is to find similar issues in two absolutely different objects. Those objects can include individuals or things that may have nothing in common at first sight. Your mission is to perform an in-depth research finding some connections and presenting them to your readers.

Comparison and Contrast Essay Topics

As a rule, some good comparison and contrast essay ideas include two individuals from different epochs. They can be related to politics and culture. For example, you can try to compare and contrast political leaders from different historical periods as well as actors of different genres. Whatever you choose, the idea is to make any slight unlike connections real summing up the idea of your paper.

Ideas for Compare and Contrast Essay

In this article, you may benefit from different ideas for compare and contrast essay. They will provide some fundamental points for this particular type of academic assignment. Try to dig as deep as you can and find similarities forming them into a logically connected paper. The key to success is to do the research. We do hope our compare and contrast essay ideas will come as an inspiration.

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Examples of Good Compare and Contrast Essay Ideas

The best bet is to find two influential figures who made a huge historical contribution. You can also try to compare different genres that also seem to have nothing in common. Explore various religions, popular film characters or episodes. In this case, it will be easier to find something to focus on:

  1. Julius Caesar and Mahatma Gandhi.
  2. Edward Snowden and Che Guevara.
  3. Joseph Stalin and Adolf Hitler.
  4. Marcus Garvey and Martin Luther King.
  5. Donald Trump and Abraham Lincoln.
  6. Socrates and Plato.
  7. Blockbusters and Comedies.
  8. Buddhism and Catholicism.
  9. Democracy and Communism.
  10. Social networks and Real Life communication.
  11. Books and the Internet.
  12. Urbanization and isolation.
  13. Public schools and private universities.
  14. Terminator and Forrest Gump.
  15. Wolverine and Batman.
  16. Vegans and meat eaters.
  17. Climate changes and technological process.
  18. Biofuel and muscle cars.
  19. The games of Throne and The Big Bang Theory.
  20. Online courses and traditional education.
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A compare and contrast essay is all about research and exploration. Try to find as many things in common as possible. Draw the parallel between two different objects and drive your reader to a conclusion.

Comparison and Contrast Essay Help

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