We Have Some Great Narrative Essay Topics for You!

We Have Some Great Narrative Essay Topics for You!

People say that a picture is better than a thousand words. On the other hand, a good creative story can be even more capturing than any image. It all depends on the creativity and style of the writer. These are the qualities you may need when writing a narrative essay. The paper should take your reader through time and space making them feel the same way as you do. All you need is to choose good topics for a narrative essay that are close and easy-to-understand for the audience.

Narrative Essay Topics for College Students

Like any other academic paper, your essay should consist of three major parts that include an introduction, a story and conclusion. All three parts should have a logical connection. In some cases, extra parts are necessary. Check the requirements and instructions provided by your professor before you start writing the paper or thinking of narrative essay ideas. Apart from a persuasive essay, you do to need to convince someone. You need your readers to be in your shoes whenever you describe a situation from your real life. Make the audience feel the same as you did. Showing them familiar situations is the only way to achieve that success. Benefit from our narrative essay prompts if you want to complete the paper by yourself.

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Choose Topics for A Narrative Essay from Our List

We have put 20 good narrative essay topics together for you. Use any of those ideas and customize in according with your preferences. You can change them or use as the background for your own essay ideas. You are free to speak of any real experience. Describe your first day in the university or college, speak about some special trips or thrilling adventures you have experienced. Readers appreciate funny facts and situations as well. We have combined all ideas in our list:

  1. The scariest moment in my life.
  2. My first day at school.
  3. How I overcame my toughest challenge.
  4. The most thrilling trip of my life.
  5. A 5-days voyage on a boat.
  6. The most interesting movie in my life.
  7. My first serious relations.
  8. My first breakdown.
  9. The day I had a fight for the first time.
  10. The day I met my dog.
  11. Describe your random act of anger or kindness.
  12. Describe the happiest day from your childhood.
  13. Tell readers about your best Christmas present.
  14. Speak about your biggest loss.
  15. Describe the first time you were hurt.
  16. Tell about some difficult decisions you had to take.
  17. Describe the did you are embarrassed by.
  18. Speak about your parents from different points of views.
  19. Tell about the beginning and the end of any relations.
  20. Describe the day you lost your best friend.
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Narrative Essay Ideas for College

The paper must be based on your real-life experience. On the one hand, it will be easier for you to write about your personal situations. On the other hand, the paper will look more lively. If you think the task is too hard, hire our professional writers who can boast a huge track record of successfully completed essays.